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  Lunch Break by John Krau


The other day I lunched at the burger palace, had the special, and got out of there in record time. 

Between the palace and the shop I work in, is the local thrift store. I can spare about 3 minutes or so, and do a quick run through on occasion.  Hardly ever see tools, but there is some hardware and other useful things.  This time I stopped dead, because on the shelf was a hand saw. 

A backsaw, not often seen here in the wild.  A painted backsaw, a tiny loon on a pond, for those interested.  I just saw the price, and the shellac covering every inch of it.

And the fact it was freshened up by power wire brushing every inch of it, wood too.  But for the price, I placed it under my arm, scanned the book section, paid, and ran for my truck.  Saved, another saw saved or at least salvaged from the painter.

Wait,... something's odd here.  Did anyone, or Disston build a tapered backsaw?  Two and half inches at the toe, and four inches at the heel, on a blade thirteen inches long. 1960s looking handle, 2 good saw nuts, and a chrome Disston medallion.  And the handle doesn't fit the blade very well, looks like I paid cash for a bubba recreation.  Ah, the snap decisions made on the spur of the moment.

Have to scrape down thru the blue waters of the pond to see if just maybe there is an etch remnant.  The saw is fairly sharp, at least got some usable saw nuts and a genuine backsaw back.  First saw I'd gotten in five months too,... ah well.

John in Nebraska
November, 2007

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