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  New Antiques by Phil E.


Speaking of "new antiques" reminds me of my old neighbor from when I lived back in the mountains. I used to see him beside his house carpentering on some old furniture looking thing.

"What are you doing, Malloy?" I'd yell over to him. "Making antiques!" he'd holler back.

He would tear down old farm buildings and salvage the wood, especially chestnut.  He would cobble the wood into pretty cool looking furniture like washstands, magazine holders, and pie safes.  He would varnish them with dark varnish and keep them for a while in his "garage" with a dirt floor. 

The roof leaked and chickens would roost in the rafters.  He'd accidentally back his truck into the furniture sometimes. 

By the time he sold it, it REALLY looked like antiques! He never tried to gyp anyone; he told them he made the "antiques" but he would say, "The wood is antique and I'm antique and I've only got an old dull handsaw, a hammer, and a butcher knife to work with so they MUST be antiques!"

I still miss him though he passed some years ago.

Phil E.

May, 2006

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