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Planes 1 thru 9 by Joe West


I went to a barn sale on Saturday morning.  When I pulled up to the barn I noticed a faded sign that said Jim Blanchard Patternmaker on the side. 

There were also realtor signs out near the road.  So I thought this could be good.

I went in and saw lots of tools but they were mostly mechanics tools.  So I went over to this older fellow who was putting wood in the stove.  I asked him if he had any planes.  He said I have 1 through 9 over there in a box.

I had problems processing this information.  I would have had the same reaction if he had said I have gold bars for a dollar apiece.  When I regained my wits I asked where is this box. 

He started walking toward the corner of the shop.  Then he stopped and picked up a catalog off the workbench.  He opened it and pointed to pictures of collectable die cast trucks and he said see I have 1 through 9 of these trucks.

I explained that I was looking for woodworking planes and I made a motion like I was planning.  He said oh I misunderstood.  I only have one with a missing iron.  It turned out to be a Sargent #3 size that was very rusty but the wood was good.

I bought it for $5.

Joe West

Spring when a middle aged men's hearts turn toward yard sales

April, 2006

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